Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Coca cola company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Coca cola company - Research Paper Example The Atlanta based organization grew profusely despite the hindrances existing in the market environment. By the mid 20th century, Coca Cola’s growth rate overwhelmed that of its competitors, and with an increased product line to serve diverse consumer needs on the global scales (Petretti, 2008). The following is an informative approach to defining Coca Cola’s business programs and its portfolio in maintaining success as a market leader in the beverage industry. The company’s mission statement and strategy Coca Cola’s mission statement stipulates that its operations in the beverage industry seek to refresh, inspire, and create value to the world with a vision of achieving sustainable growth through utilization of resources globally. Arguably, the company growth and expansion in the beverage industry remains unchallenged despite Pepsi’s strive to overcome the dominance. Considerably, Coca Cola’s success in the industry seems to be integral to t he provision of over 500 brands to the global consumer. These advantageous contributions of the company’s management to the beverage markets yield unprecedented consumer loyalty (Alirezaei, 2013). Actually, the company’s marginal difference in the market share value varies greatly with its challengers whether at a foreign-local or at the international platform. The company’s mission statement changes from time with reference to the evolving consumer needs and wants. Currently, Coca Cola sets its mission as targeting to refresh the world through provision of the favorite drinks. Through the mission, the company seeks refreshment to prevail over the mind, body, and spirit of consumers thus inspiring optimism and actions on its brands (Payne, & Frow, 2013). Eventually, the company draws conclusions of yielding valuable returns on its investment because of the positive reactions of customers in the global markets. Evaluation of the mission statement The company miss ion statement focuses on the markets while neglecting other essential utilities that could create more value and undoubted performance in the company. During the evaluation process, all the factors of production, processing, and supply reflected different values while seeking to identify the company’s valuable outcomes. For instance, it is evident that the mission statement fails to account for the customers, products, and services while stipulating on its devotion to reach the markets profitably (Alirezaei, 2013). Secondly, Coca Cola’s mission statement fails to include technology, concern for survival in the beverage industry, while outlining its philosophy of refreshing the world. Through expert analysis, the mission lacks the inclusion of self-concept, concerns on Coca Cola’s public image, and its employees. The evaluative approach ascertains that the mission does not mention the values like citizenship, integrity, excellence, and teamwork (Petretti, 2008). Therefore, the statistical mark accredited to the company’s mission statement amounts to 1.3/4.5 of the score. Arguments are that the company’s success in the global market sector emanates from the highly recognized and standardized beverages in the global markets. It is certain that the company focuses on the presence of tastes and preferences of the consumer and then produces matching beverages to existing and emerging needs. Further, the poorly structured mission statement is technically incorporated to the vision thus; it is able to influence the market variables

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